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Top Notch Controllers

Winter Fresh

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Motherboard Type:  JP-White

Custom Buttons:  Bald Light Blue Snowflake w/ White Background(@selst0r)

Custom Resin C-Stick: White 

Braided Cable:  YES (Light Blue / Navy Dots on White)

Adjustable Snapback Mod (H/V):  YES

Lubricated StickBox:  YES

Trigger Modifications:  Signature Trigger Treatment

PODE Level:  7/10

Pivot Capabilities: Subject to Degrade (But exception as of right now)(JP-White) 

LedgeDash:  8/10

Disjoint:  Slight

Top Shell:  Emerald Blue

Bottom Shell:  JP-White

Notches:  Full Angle FireFox Notches Discluding Bottom Angles

CAN Be Notched:  Only Bottom Angles if Wanted

Game Recommended For:  Melee

Character Recommended For:  Spacies / Intermediate Build for All

Description:  This controller features a JP-White motherboard that can accomplish everything you need to and more.  This controller has FireFox Notches not including the bottom ones.  This can be very good for anyone trying to play Melee, as Spacie’s are not the biggest beneficiary of FireFox Notches.  With these notches you are able execute SDI inputs more significantly by rubbing the analogue stick across the notches.  This helps to escape things like drill shine or being drill waveshined.  This build has a very uplifting look and is perfect for any competitive player.