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Top Notch Controllers

Translucent Teardrop

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  • Clear/Club Nintendo Back
  • Dichroic Bald Set w/ C-STICK (@DaFunkGaming)
  • Sea Green/Blue Diamond Paracord
    • Full Angle FF Notches w/ Wavedash Notches and Shield Drop Compatibility (UCF)
  • T3 Motherboard/CLEAR
  • My Signature Trigger Treatment (known as n3z trigger treatment)
  • Dry Silicone 08897 Lubricated Triggers
  • Snapback Capacitor Switch Module, H/V Cured (Hotty P’s new modules!
    • -Exotic Top-of-the-line lubricant with a formulation specifically chosen for this application. In testing, it consistently beats every other high-performance lubricant that has been tested, and has clear advantages. This is similar in base composition to a very popular lubricant in the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Community, and is regarded as the “premiere lubricant.” It ensures an extreme-pressure additive which protects the most “highly -stressed contact surfaces” AKA Melee players stickboxes on GCC.
  • Some controllers just have unnatural specs that separate them from others. This was originally a clear motherboard, that once was cured of snapback, was instantly in that highest tier possible.
    • One of my favorite things is finding the controllers that HAVE NOT been used (barely at all if any) and having the certain stickbox feel very light, or require minimal pressure to move while being tight, is AMAZING for movement. However, that’s physically, and though they are indirectly coordinated, THESE are the controllers I seek out desperately for high levels of play. 
    • This will last a long time while feeling amazing right away.
  • EFFORTLESS ledgedash, dashback/dash recognition, dash dance (sometimes and pivot/halt can be cause thru rapid dash dance motions), and physical feeling on the weight required to push the stick makes it amazing.
  • Great for ANY character, Melee movement will be the best it ever has been with this type of build.
    • This would be in my top 5 BEST builds for this drop.