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Top Notch Controllers

C13 Phobalescent - 2.0.5

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TNC Phob 2.0.5 Board w/ ABXY Calculator Tracers and L/R Calculator Paddles. 

Original Motherboard Type: JP Clear

Stick Tightness: 8.3/10 *Low Tension Stickbox

Custom Buttons: DaFunkGaming Dichroic Full BALD Set

Custom C-Stick: DaFunkGaming Dichroic Rubber Capped Resin C-Stick

Braided Cable: N/A (JP White Chord)

Trigger Modifications: Signature Trigger Treatment (n3z Triggers)

Top Shell: JP Clear

Bottom Shell: JP Clear

Notches: Full Angle Firefox Notches w/ Wavedash Notches w/ UCF Shield Drop