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Top Notch Controllers

Origin Pulse

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Motherboard Type:  Smash 4 White

Custom Buttons:  Bald (Nuclear Blue) (@selst0r)

Custom Resin C-Stick:  Deep Sea Blue

Braided Cable:  YES (Lightning Blue)

Adjustable Snapback Mod (H/V):  YES

Lubricated StickBox:  YES

Trigger Modifications:  Signature Trigger Treatment

PODE Level:  Close to None

Pivot Capabilities:  Amazing

LedgeDash:  Amazing

Disjoint:  Almost None

Top Shell:  Kyogre 

Bottom Shell:  Kyogre Deep Blue Gloss Clear 

Notches:  None

CAN Be Notched:  Painted shells cannot be notched

Game Recommended For:  Melee/Ultimate

Character Recommended For:  


Flawless functional + aesthetic build. This build has some distinct shades of blue that make this the true Kyogre controller. This is a treasure of a GCC. With that, functionally speaking, this controller peaks at the top of what controllers are capable of. Only fitting to include this special motherboard in this shell. Consistent Pivots, DBOoC, Ledge Release, Tap Jump Short Hop, and minimal PODE development make this the controller amongst controllers.