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Top Notch Controllers

Orange Fanta

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  • Orange OG ALL
  • Gold Flake C-Stick (@selst0r)
  • T3 Motherboard/JP White
  • My Signature Trigger Treatment (known as n3z trigger treatment)
  • Dry Silicone 08897 Lubricated Triggers
  • Short Trigger Plugs in L and R (able to access much much faster because of shortened actuation point. Some call them “Raised Triggers” 
  • Snapback Capacitor Switch Module, H/V Cured
    • -Exotic Top-of-the-line lubricant with a formulation specifically chosen for this application. In testing, it consistently beats every other high-performance lubricant that has been tested, and has clear advantages. This is similar in base composition to a very popular lubricant in the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Community, and is regarded as the “premiere lubricant.” It ensures an extreme-pressure additive which protects the most “highly -stressed contact surfaces” AKA Melee players stickboxes on GCC
      • One of the best feeling stickboxes. The feeling of it being tight, but with that slight wear to to the point that almost anyone could adjust INSTANTLY.
      • I definitely will recommend this controller to Spacies, and to anyone who has struggled finding “good” feeling controllers after being on the hunt. This type of controller will not disappoint
        • I notice whenever a customer gets a controller like this, they tend to SD on ledge via AirDodge. These controllers are SO sensitive, that spawning regular getup is sometimes really hard to do. I DON’T this build recommend this for Falcon or Marth Players.