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Top Notch Controllers

Ocean Water

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Motherboard Type:  Smash 4 Black

Custom Buttons:  Light Blue Nebula (@selst0r)

Custom Resin C-Stick:  Black

Braided Cable:  NO

Adjustable Snapback Mod (H/V): YES 

Lubricated StickBox:  YES

Trigger Modifications:  Signature Trigger Treatment

PODE Level:  Consistently Close to 0 (S4)

Pivot Capabilities:  YES

LedgeDash:  Amazing

Disjoint:  Close to None

Top Shell:  Emerald Blue

Bottom Shell:  S4 Black

Notches:  Full Angle FireFox Notches  (Wavedash Notches and Shield Drop Notches Included)

CAN Be Notched:  No, Fully Notched Already

Game Recommended For:  Melee

Character Recommended For:  Spacies / Sheik / Marth / Falcon

Description:  This is going to be one of the generally more solid builds for this drop, with all of my checkpoints on an amazing controller checked off.  This controller has extremely light pressing buttons, complemented by the bald buttons which makes sliding techniques (Shine out of Shield / Double Shine) much easier to execute.   Since this is a smash 4 black controller, the pivots are going to be amazing and stay amazing.  PODE Development is very minimal on these specific builds and expect minimal changes functionally throughout the stick's lifespan.  I also added Krytox GPL 215 which is an exotic top of the line lubricant with a formulation specifically chosen for this application.  This is a very popular lube in the custom mechanical keyboard community and works perfect for the GCC stickbox in particular with smooth operation of the most highly stressed contact surfaces within the stickbox.  While the controller has little to no disjoint and is new, the amount of force required is minimal to travel across the controller gate.  This is highly desirable in Melee for dash dancing and fast movement quirks. An overall very consistent and premium build.