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Top Notch Controllers

Luigi's Casino

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Motherboard Type:  JP-White

Custom Buttons:  Bald (Gold Flake) (@selst0r)

Custom Resin C-Stick:  Translucent Clear w/ Gold Flake

Braided Cable:  YES (Electric Green Infused Purple Dashes) 

Adjustable Snapback Mod (H/V):  YES

Lubricated StickBox:  YES

Trigger Modifications:  Signature Trigger Treatment

PODE Level:  Basically None

Pivot Capabilities:  Amazing (Subject to Degrade)

LedgeDash:  Amazing

Disjoint:  None

Top Shell:  Luigi Club Nintendo 

Bottom Shell:  Wario Club Nintendo

Notches:  NONE

CAN Be Notched:  YES if requested 

Game Recommended For:  Melee/Ultimate

Character Recommended For:  Spacie’s / Sheik / Mid Tiers 

Description:  This colorway has never been seen before, and it radiates some insane energy. Luigi Top, and Wario bottom, with Gold Flake Bald Buttons and a complimenting Paracord. This is a build unlike any. This isn’t for the normal player. In choosing the motherboard to go with this, many motherboards were tested just to find a God tier JP-White to pair up with energy the colorway gives off. The motherboard is an almost MINT JP-White that has all the high end checkpoints crossed off. It functions unlike the others and feel like a dream to hold. Very pleased with the final aesthetic and functional level of this build. Pivots feel unreal consistent, Ledgedashing can effortlessly be executed, dashing is extremely responsive, and this is all just the start. The controller will definitely some breaking in, but immediately, the potential will be seen. One of my favorite picks for good reason.