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Emerald Erasure

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  • Emerald/Dyed Jade Clear Back
  • Balded Buttons ABXY, Z, Start, DPAD(@selst0r) 
  • OEM Dyed C-stick
  • Full Angle FF Notches w/ Wavedash Notches and Shield Drop Compatibility (UCF)
  • T3 Motherboard/Emerald
  • My Signature Trigger Treatment (known as n3z trigger treatment)
  • Dry Silicone 08897 Lubricated Triggers
  • Snapback Capacitor Switch Module, H/V Cured
    • This controller is a very new T3 Emerald controller. Emerald controllers will come in Type 2, or Type 3.
    • Some top players as well as upcoming top talent believe that Emerald Blue’s are the best for Melee. This controller is here to prove exactly that. I would definitely place this controller in my top 5 functionally for this entire drop. From how effortless every movement is while being this new, the controller easily reads those micro inputs that tighter controllers struggle with right away.
    • -Exotic Top-of-the-line lubricant with a formulation specifically chosen for this application. In testing, it consistently beats every other high-performance lubricant that has been tested, and has clear advantages. This is similar in base composition to a very popular lubricant in the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Community, and is regarded as the “premiere lubricant.” It ensures an extreme-pressure additive which protects the most “highly -stressed contact surfaces” AKA Melee players stickboxes on GCC.
    • This controllers notches are more rounded allowing the controller to feel much more intuitive.. This is because of the steep ranges given to the controller by default.
    • The button pad was very stiff and was switched to a USED T3 Shiny pad, the most desirable button pad. While perforations are also a modification to make the pad easier to push down, and worn in and used pad makes it all the  better.
      If you have never used bald buttons, be prepared to have your mind blown by the quality of this specific sellers molds, Selstor. Not only passing the seal of approval, this in combination with the right button makes:
      • Shine out of Shield
      • Double shine 
      • Short Hopping
      • LONG Smash sessions turning your hands into “rugburn”
      • I recommend this controller to someone plays a Spacie no doubt just because of how easy it is to maneuver, and LEDGEDASH from ledge via DOWN AND IN*, but also because It doesn’t have the greatest Pivots. I would advise Marth players away from this build.
      • As a Yoshi player, THESE are the controllers I seek out to use. It reminds me of my personal build.
      • In controllers there are trade-offs, and this is one of them.* While it might not be able to pivot well, it’s because the recognition to dashes is very minor stick movements is immaculate for the motherboard being so new/tight. This definitely fits a certain playstyle, and will level up any skilled player.

  • MADE FOR MELEE, Works for Ultimate