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Top Notch Controllers

Chromatic Void

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  • Black OG ALL
  • White and Navy blue Paracord
  • Dichroic Button Set (@DaFunkGaming)   
  • T3 Black OG Motherboard
  • My Signature Trigger Treatment (known as n3z trigger treatment)
  • Dry Silicone 08897 Lubricated Triggers
  • Snapback Capacitor Switch Module, H/V Cured (Hotty P’s new modules!)
    • -Exotic Top-of-the-line lubricant with a formulation specifically chosen for this application. In testing, it consistently beats every other high-performance lubricant that has been tested, and has clear advantages. This is similar in base composition to a very popular lubricant in the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Community, and is regarded as the “premiere lubricant.” It ensures an extreme-pressure additive which protects the most “highly -stressed contact surfaces” AKA Melee players stickboxes on GCC.
    • Tighter stick, From a newer T3 Black.
  • This controller hits a certain vibe with having everything jam packed into it. You’re destined to catch some eyes with how much it pops, especially being a simple controller. Along with the applied Lube, the stick glides FLAWLESSLY and ensures comfort in movement. This all around is an amazing controller for those trying to up their game and appreciate controllers and what they’re capable of.
  • While this controller is newer, you might find it hard to adjust at first, which is 100% normal. Within a few games, and MAX days of competitive play, you will be so 
  • appreciative of what the game has to offer on a piece of hardware that function with it.
    • I don’t think any single character benefits the from this specific build, I think this is a great controller for anyone :)
    • Many Ultimate Players have been wanting these exact builds with Balded Buttons and FireFox notches because of how much better, reliable, and responsive they are in game. Snapback is one of the biggest gripes period, and that won’t ever be worry again. 
      • MKLeo even recently got something exactly like this.