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Top Notch Controllers

Exotic Gundam

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  • Gundam OG ALL
  • Red Gold Flake Bald Buttons - Personal Batch.
  • Resin casted c-stick via @selst0r 
  • Snapback Capacitor Switch Module, H/V Cured (Hotty P’s new modules!)
  • -Exotic Top-of-the-line lubricant with a formulation specifically chosen for this application. In testing, it consistently beats every other high-performance lubricant that has been tested, and has clear advantages. This is similar in base composition to a very popular lubricant in the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Community, and is regarded as the “premiere lubricant.” It ensures an extreme-pressure additive which protects the most “highly -stressed contact surfaces” AKA Melee players stickboxes on GCC.
    • I LOVE getting a quality gundam with a god tier level motherboard. This is that. You will be able to do everything on this controller. I wouldn’t recommend this controller to Pivot heavy players however, because this will slack in the future..This controller feels just way too good otherwise!
    • Never missing dashes, getting that tiny drift, pushes combo’s that much further, these are the exact style of Motherboards I try to find for mang0. 
      • The most recent one I made for him was a Club Nintendo motherboard. Something about the rarer boards.