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Top Notch Controllers

HyperBolic Time Chamber

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  • Orange Top/White Back
  • DBZ Dragon Ball Buttons (@NoJonsMods)
  • Balded and shortened ABXY.
  • Red/Orange Yellow Paracord
  • Emerald Motherboard T3
  • My Signature Trigger Treatment (known as n3z trigger treatment)
  • Dry Silicone 08897 Lubricated Triggers
  • Snapback Capacitor Switch Module, H/V Cured (Hotty P’s new modules!)
    • This features an Emerald T3 as the base for this controller, and It was taken off a near mint emerald. 
      • This means then stick is VERY tight, and will need some breaking in
      • These bald buttons seem to go low for most people’s preference, so if you can’t get used to them or want to go back to normal buttons, please message me and we can get something to you ASAP.
      • This is called the Hyperbolioc Time Chamber for a reason, once you get it, get ready to train a bunch on it!