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Top Notch Controllers

1999 Smoke Stain

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Motherboard Type:  Clear T3

Custom Buttons:  Bald (Translucent Black w/ Translucent Clear) (@selst0r)

Custom Resin C-Stick:  Translucent Black with Solid Black Top

Braided Cable:  YES (Black w/ Metallic Tracers)

Adjustable Snapback Mod (H/V):  YES

Lubricated StickBox:  NO

Trigger Modifications:  Signature Trigger Treatment

PODE Level:  Little to None

Pivot Capabilities:  Consistent (Subject to Degrade)

LedgeDash:  Amazing

Disjoint:  Little to None

Top Shell:  Clear

Bottom Shell:  S4 Black

Notches:  Wavedash Notches + UCF Shield Drop

CAN Be Notched:  Yes if requested 

Game Recommended For:  Melee

Character Recommended For:  Spacie’s / Falcon / Mid Tiers

Description:  To start, the overall look of this build is stunning. The entire controller is an absolute beauty. I spent over 2 hours making these specific Notches, and they came out flawless on the clear front. This is going to be one of the better builds, because the motherboard was essentially a New T3 Clear, with a very tight stick, close to no disjoint, and an easy to move stick. Along with that, getting off of the ledge is a very easy task now with this in your hands, and it is noticeable how good the stick itself feels right away. I recommend strongly to technical Fox and Falco players to utilize its full potential. I also think Falcon would benefit from this solely because of how consistent Dashing out of crouch is. This has all the bells and whistles you would truly need at a high level in competitive Melee, and has such a nice aesthetic to wrap the entire thing up.